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How Many Watches Should I Own?

While how many watches you actually need is open to debate. It is most commonly agreed-upon that you need at least 3 different types of watches. If you are a fan of watches, or a collector, you will likely own significantly more.

1. An everyday watch (beater watch) : A watch for working around the house, taking out the trash or mowing the lawn. This will be an inexpensive watch, it is not really important how it looks. You want one that's going to be durable, go for a rubber band or a metal one. Leather will wear out too fast if you're working or sweating. It's also a good idea if this watch is waterproof, as it's likely to get wet at some point.

2. Work Watch : For this one you'll want a decent looking watch, as you want to portray a professional look. I would recommend a watch that costs at least a hundred dollars or more. You don't want something too flashy or over the top. Something that will look good with a blazer, suit or even a casual Friday with a polo shirt. I recommended a band that is leather or metal, don't buy a watch for work that looks to blingy, flashy or is full of jewels. A nice traditional look is recommended.

3. Dress Watch (special occasion) : The last and most important watch you will need, is a dress watch. In this case you are looking to make a statement. You want a watch you can wear to special occasions like weddings, black-tie affairs, church, important functions and New Year's Eve. This should be your most expensive watch. It should look classy, elegant and impeccable. Should have a leather or metal band, avoid a rubber band as this is the look we are not trying to portray. This watch should be your prize possession, only worn for the most important or special occasions.

There is nothing we have more precious than time, find the right watch to help keep every second of it. - - - - - - - -