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How Many Watches Should I Own?
While how many watches you actually need is open to debate. It is most commonly agreed-upon that you need at least 3 different types of watches. If you are a fan of watches, or a collector, you will likely own significantly more.

1. An everyday watch (beater watch) : A watch for working around the house, taking out the trash or mowing the lawn. This will be an inexpensive watch, it is not really important how it looks. You want one that's going to be durable, go for a rubber band or a metal one. Leather will wear out too fast if you're working or sweating. It's also a good idea if this watch is waterproof, as it's likely to get wet at some point.

2. Work Watch : For this one you'll want a decent looking watch, as you want to portray a professional look. I would recommend a watch that costs at least a hundred dollars or more. You don't want something too flashy or over the top. Something that will look good with a blazer, suit or even a casual Friday with a polo shirt. I recommended a band that is leather or metal, don't buy a watch for work that looks to blingy, flashy or is full of jewels. A nice traditional look is recommended.

3. Dress Watch (special occasion) : The last and most important watch you will need, is a dress watch. In this case you are looking to make a statement. You want a watch you can wear to special occasions like weddings, black-tie affairs, church, important functions and New Year's Eve. This should be your most expensive watch. It should look classy, elegant and impeccable. Should have a leather or metal band, avoid a rubber band as this is the look we are not trying to portray. This watch should be your prize possession, only worn for the most important or special occasions.

There is nothing we have more precious than time, find the right watch to help keep every second of it. by Kerry Zangara
World's Most Expensive Watch
The most expensive watch ever sold to date, was made by Patek Philippe. It's known as the Henry Graves Supercomplication pocketwatch.

It was designed by Mr. Henry Graves Junior and manufactured by Patek Philippe. The watch came into existence because friends made a bet regarding who could design the most complicated timepiece ever made.

The watch took over 5 years to design and make, it consists of over 900 different parts. Mr. Grave's received the watch in 1933 and it remained with him until his death.

In 1999 the watch was sold at Sotheby's auction house for a record price of $11 million. It remains to date, the most expensive timepiece ever purchased.
Mens Watch Brands
For most men, a watch is the ultimate accessory. A watch says a lot about the man, so we prefer to wear a nice one. Most men like to own one for casual days and a dress watch for going out. A quality watch is a great present for any man.

Bulova Watch Brand
Bulova has been making fine watches for men since 1875. Bulova makes a wide range of stylish watches. Bulova lines include Bulova, Bulova Accutron, Caravelle by Bulova. They also feature a line of watches with the Harley-Davidson Motor Cycle Logo. If you are a Motor Cycle enthusiast then this may be the watch for you.

Breitling Watch Brand
This Swiss watchmaker has been making watches since 1884, which means that these watches have been worn by aviators for over a century now. These watches come complete with all the bells and whistles that men love. Breitling is the only major watch brand to equip all of its models with chronometer-certified movements, which means they are super precise. This is the watch to own for pilots or for those who dreamed of becoming one. They also make watches for Bentley, which include the carmakers name. I guess if you are lucky enough to afford the car, you might as well have the watch too.

Fossil Watch Brand
Fossil is a hot brand of watch for men, especially young men. Classic styling and smart looking leather bands are a trademark of Fossil Watches. They also make some smart looking stainless steel watches that won't bust your budget. Most Fossil Watches can be had for between $100 - $200 bucks, not bad.

Omega Watch Brand
With famous movie hero's like James Bond 007 wearing Omega watches, Omega is surely a mans brand. Classic style and super precise automatic movements make this watch a top choice for the distinguished man. Mens line of watches include the Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, De Ville and specialty watches like the Planet Ocean 600 M Skyfall. This specialty Seamaster watched was created to commemorate the fantastic 007 movie Skyfall. Omega watches boast a rich and storied history, with achievements such as 6 lunar landings and the first watch for divers.

Rolex Brand Watches
Rolex is an iconic brand of watches, especially for men. Men have long loved this classy and sophisticated brand of watch. Many of these watches are masterpieces, with intricate inlays and heavily jeweled crowns. A Rolex watch makes the perfect gift for any Man. There is a reason that the symbol for a Rolex proudly portrays a crown. The only drawback to purchasing a Rolex watch is the price, they run into the $1,000's and even the $10,000's.
When it comes to Women's Watches, they normally favor beauty and style above all else. Of course it is only natural that the fairer sex would have different tastes and styles when it comes to watches. For most women it's all about fashion and looking good. Women like watches with attractive colors, watches that include mother-of-pearl or fine jewels. For a woman, a watch can never have too many diamonds. If you are looking to buy a nice watch for your wife or girlfriend, then try these top brands of women's watches.

Cartier Watch Brand
Founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. The name Cartier is synonymous with beautiful jewelry, Cartier also makes fine watches for discerning clientele. Cartier specialize in watches for women that include lots of diamonds.

Chanel Watch Brand
Founded by Coco Chanel, Chanel is all about style and fashion, which translates well into their timepieces. Chanel watches are not only beautiful, they are a fashion statement as well. Chanel watches are particularly appealing with women, as the brand is geared more toward women's tastes. Chanel is a French watch brand.

Tissot Watch Brand
Tissot has a long tradition of watchmaking that dates back to 1853. Tissot is now a global brand with a pressence in over 160 different countries. Tissot has a large selection of watches to choose from, they are famous for making watches that tell time in different time zones simultaneously. Celebrities such as Tony Parker and Danica Patrick have worn Tissot watches. Tissot is famous for creating beautiful watch designs for women.
The technology of the future, is here today, with the revolution of the smart watch. This is not your grandfather's watch, smart watches feature the latest technology and high-resolution displays. Some smart watches, connect you to the Internet, allow you to download and use apps, track your fitness and lifestyle. Others let you monitor your heartbeat and even help motivate you to exercise regularly.

Some even allow you to make phone calls now, pretty wild if you ask me. It seems that more things from fantasy futuristic movies are becoming part of our daily lives. The smart watch certainly fits into that category.

Apple Smart Watch
Apple has announced plans to make a smart watch. Yet as of now, the Apple smart watch has yet to be released to the general public. There seems to be much anticipation for any new Apple product and the smart watch is no exception. Apple's website describes the watches coming in highly polished stainless steel or space black stainless steel cases. They are saying that the watch display will be protected by a sapphire crystal. Watches are set to be available in early 2015, stay tuned.

Pebble Smart Watch
Allows you to stay connected while on the go. Connects to Iphone and Android devices. Easy to operate, customizable, allows you to receive text messages, e-mail, social network updates. Looks stylish and is comfortable to wear. Excellent battery life. Is made of plastic that can be damaged, appears to be a minor downside to the watch. Seems to be a stainless steel version as well which costs more, but maybe is more durable.

Samsung Smart Watch Brand
Samsung a leader in technology makes smart watches. Watches like the Samsung Gear 2 Neo which features a large display. You can make and receive phone calls on the watch, instant message, track your heart rate and fitness levels. You can listen to music while on the go and connect to your favorite Samsung phone or tablet. Allows you to personalize your screen and even change your band color on demand. Have a Smart TV, awesome, you can change the channels and volume using a Samsung Smart watch. Also has a built-in camera.
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