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Luxury Watch Brands
Luxury for many, is a great looking watch. Nothing is more elegant, beautiful and functional as a luxury time piece. Start your luxury watch search with these top brands.

Azimuth Watch Brand
Azimuth pushes the art of fine watching making to the limit, with it's extraordinarily unique watch creations. If you are looking to truly stand out from the crowd, then Azimuth could be the watch brand for you. Unique masterpieces like the SP-1 Roullette which features a working Roullette wheel on the watch itself or the SP-1 Spaceship which is the world's first space concept watch.  They also make more traditional style watches, which are equally beautiful. Azimuth is a Swiss watch company.
Bulova Watch Brand
Bulova has been making fine watches since 1875. Bulova makes a wide range of stylish watches for ladies and men. Bulova lines include Bulova, Bulova Accutron, Caravelle by Bulova. They also feature a line of watches with the Harley-Davidson Motor Cycle Logo. If you are a Motor Cycle enthusiast then this may be the watch for you.
Breguet Watch Brand
Breguet has beeen making complex timepieces since 1775. They have made watches for Queen Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Victoria and Sir Winston Churchill, which is very impressive in itself. Breguet watches have sold for millions of dollars, which is truly incredible. If you want to own a Breguet timepiece, you will have to be rich first. Breguet is a French watch brand.
Breitling Watch Brand
This Swiss watchmaker has been making watches since 1884, which means that these watches have been worn by aviators for over a century now. These watches come complete with all the bells and whistles that men love. Breitling is the only major watch brand to equip all of its models with chronometer-certified movements, which means they are super precise.

This is the watch to own for pilots or for those who dreamed of becoming one. They also make watches for Bentley, which include the carmakers name. I guess if you are lucky enough to afford the car, you might as well have the watch too.
Cartier Watch Brand
Founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. The name Cartier is synonymous with beautiful jewelry, Cartier also makes fine watches for discerning clientele. Cartier specialize in watches for women that include lots of diamonds.
Chanel Watch Brand
Chanel is all about style and fashion, which translates well into their timepieces. Chanel watches are not only beautiful, they are a fashion statement as well. Chanel watches are particularly appealing with women, as the brand is geared more toward women's tastes.
Jacob & Co Watch Brand
Known as the watchmaker and jeweler to the stars, Jacob & Co caters to high-end clientele. They love to make blinged out watches, featuring lots of jewels and stunning colors. Clients like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.
Longines Watch Brand
The famous winged hourglass logo adorns each and every beautiful Longines timepiece. Since 1832 Longines has been based in the Swiss town of St. Imier, which makes it one of the oldest and most respected watch brands in the world. Longines is the official timekeeper for many sporting events, which include the French Open tennis tournament and many important horse races throughout the world.

You would be hard pressed to find a more elegant and accurate watch than a Longines. Longines watches come in many styles and different price ranges, there are however 4 main collections that include: Elegance Collection, Watchmaking Tradition Collection, Sport Collection and the Heritage Collection of watches.
Maurice Lacroix
Yet another fine Swiss watch maker, Maurice Lacroix produces around 90,000 watches per year. Maurice Lacroix makes their own complex movement components and manufactures its watches completely in-house. You can rest assured that each watch is manufactured with extreme care and that each watch movement has been painstakingly prepared. A great value for the price, Maurice Lacroix a unique and desirable watch brand.
Omega Watch Brand
With famous movie hero's like James Bond 007 wearing Omega watches, Omega is surely a mans brand. Classic style and super precise automatic movements make this watch a top choice for the distinguished man.

Mens line of watches include the Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, De Ville and specialty watches like the Planet Ocean 600 M Skyfall. This specialty Seamaster watched was created to commemorate the fantastic 007 movie Skyfall. Omega watches boast a rich and storied history, with achievements such as 6 lunar landings and the first watch for divers. Omega is a Swiss Watchmaker.
Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe stands as a testament to excess, when it comes to watches. One of the most expensive and sought after brand of watches in the world, is a Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe was founded in 1839 and its history is part of Geneva's great watchmaking tradition.

On May 1st, 1839 two Polish immigrants, Antoni Patek (Businessman) and Franciszek Czapek (Watchmaker) joined forces to found Patek, Czapek & Cie in Geneva. In 1844, Mr. Patek met the French watchmaker, Mr. Adrien Philippe in Paris where the latter presented his pioneering stem winding and setting system by the crown.

Today Patek Philippe remains a family owned company, that only produces a small amount of hand made watches each year. As the product of an extraordinary amount of know-how and work, a Patek Philippe commands a high price and will fully retain or even increase in value over time.
Rolex Brand Watches
Rolex started in England in 1905, then moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919. When many think of luxury watches, they automatically think of Rolex. Men and women have long loved this classy and sophisticated brand of watch.

Many of these watches are masterpieces, with intricate inlays and heavily jeweled crowns. There is a reason that the symbol for a Rolex proudly portrays a crown. The only drawback to purchasing a Rolex watch is the price, they run into the $1,000's and even the $10,000's.
Tag Heuer Watch Brand
Tag Heuer is a swiss watchmaker that makes some stunning luxury watches. A pioneer in watchmaking since 1860, Tag Heuer is a well established and widely admired watch brand. Celebrities who wear Tag Heuer watches include Cameron Diaz, Leonardo Dicaprio, Maria Sharipova, Steve McQueen, Jenson Button, Sergio Perez and many other famous people.

Tissot Watch Brand
Tissot has a long tradition of watchmaking that dates back to 1853. Tissot is now a global brand with a pressence in over 160 different countries. Tissot has a large selection of watches to choose from, they are famous for making watches that tell time in different time zones simultaneously. Celebrities such as Tony Parker and Danica Patrick have worn Tissot watches.