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Smart Watch Brands
The technology of the future, is here today, with the revolution of the smart watch. This is not your grandfather's watch, smart watches feature the latest technology and high-resolution displays. Some smart watches, connect you to the Internet, allow you to download and use apps, track your fitness and lifestyle. Others let you monitor your heartbeat and even help motivate you to exercise regularly.

Some even allow you to make phone calls now, pretty wild if you ask me. It seems that more things from fantasy futuristic movies are becoming part of our daily lives. The smart watch certainly fits into that category.

Apple Smart Watch
Apple has announced plans to make a smart watch. Yet as of now, the Apple smart watch has yet to be released to the general public. There seems to be much anticipation for any new Apple product and the smart watch is no exception. Apple's website describes the watches coming in highly polished stainless steel or space black stainless steel cases. They are saying that the watch display will be protected by a sapphire crystal. Watches are set to be available in early 2015, stay tuned.

Pebble Smart Watch
Allows you to stay connected while on the go. Connects to Iphone and Android devices. Easy to operate, customizable, allows you to receive text messages, e-mail, social network updates. Looks stylish and is comfortable to wear. Excellent battery life. Is made of plastic that can be damaged, appears to be a minor downside to the watch. Seems to be a stainless steel version as well which costs more, but maybe is more durable.

Samsung Smart Watch Brand
Samsung a leader in technology makes smart watches. Watches like the Samsung Gear 2 Neo which features a large display. You can make and receive phone calls on the watch, instant message, track your heart rate and fitness levels. You can listen to music while on the go and connect to your favorite Samsung phone or tablet. Allows you to personalize your screen and even change your band color on demand. Have a Smart TV, awesome, you can change the channels and volume using a Samsung Smart watch. Also has a built-in camera.