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Swiss Watch Brands A - K
In Switzerland the art of making fine watches is a passion, that has been passed down from generation to generation. Swiss watchmakers are specially trained for these tasks and are among the finest in the World. If you are lucky enough to own a hand-made Swiss timepiece, you likely own something special that can be passed down to a son or daughter. Because Swiss watches have proven to stand the test of time.

Audemars Piguet - Swiss Watchmaker founded in 1875. They make complex mechanical watches, that are beautiful and come with high price tags. Slogan: To break the rules, you must first master them.

Azimuth Watch Brand
Azimuth pushes the art of fine watching making to the limit, with it's extraordinarily unique watch creations. If you are looking to truly stand out from the crowd, then Azimuth could be the watch brand for you. Unique masterpieces like the SP-1 Roullette which features a working Roullette wheel on the watch itself or the SP-1 Spaceship which is the world's first space concept watch.  They also make more traditional style watches, which are equally beautiful. Azimuth is a Swiss watch company.

Ball Watch Brand
Ball watches were the 1st wristwatches allowed to be used on American railroads. The need for an accurate and durable watch, evolved after a tragic train accident in Ohio, in 1891. After the accident, the Railway Company enlisted Webb C. Ball, to specify which watches trainmen could use. His attention to accuracy and promptness led to the well-known saying, "Get on the Ball." Slogan: Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions.

Baume & Mercier Watch Brand
Pure Geneve watchmaking since 1830, when brothers Louis-Victor and Celestine Baume founded the company in Switzerland. Loyal to their motto "Accept only perfection, only manufacturer watches of the highest quality" , the company enjoyed rapid growth. Today they are known for making beautiful, elegant and extremely precise watches for both men and women. Their automatic watches are wonderful and offer great value for the price. In my humble opinion, a classic watchmaker. Watch collections include: Capeland for men, Classima for men, Hampton for men, Hampton for women and Linea for women.

Bomberg Watch Brand
A new trendy watch brand, featuring cool and fresh designs. Many of their watches can be converted from a wrist watch to a pocket watch. Colorful interesting watches that are swiss made. They have a model called the Bolt-68 Gambler which is perfect if you are a bettor or person who frequents the casino's.

Breitling Watch Brand
This Swiss watchmaker has been making watches since 1884, which means that these watches have been worn by aviators for over a century now. These watches come complete with all the bells and whistles that men love. Breitling is the only major watch brand to equip all of its models with chronometer-certified movements, which means they are super precise. This is the watch to own for pilots or for those who dreamed of becoming one. They also make watches for Bentley, which include the carmakers name. I guess if you are lucky enough to afford the car, you might as well have the watch too.

Frank Muller Watch Brand
Frank Muller and Vartan Sirmakes joined forces in the 1980's to create this watch brand. Both are considered watchmaking geniuses, that is why the Frank Muller brand has earned the name "master of complications". A pure Geneve, Swiss watchmaker.

Hublot Watch Brand
Another fine Swiss watchmaker, Hublot is famous for understated elegance. Fine watchmaking set in a minimalistic style, truly unique pieces. Hublot makes watches for both men and women. Official timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup. They have designed watches specifically for major sports teams like Manchester United, Bayern Munich, the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Cowboys.

Invicta Watch Brand
Invicta timepieces are large eye-catching works. A Swiss brand founded by Raphael Picard in 1837, Invicta watches have won many international awards. If you are looking for a modern looking timepiece, that is fairly priced, then Invicta could be a good choice for you. Slogan: Smarter by the second.

IWC Schaffhausen Watch Brand
IWC's historic headquarters are located in Schaffausen, Switzerland. Interestingly an American, Florentine Ariosto Jones laid the foundation for watchmaking in Schaffhaussen in the year 1868. Every IWC watch is professionally finished by masters of their trade. For they are the individuals whose trained eyes, nimble fingers and precision instruments put together IWC watches from a collection of single parts: each a fascinating showpiece of meticulous workmanship, functionality and design; each an outstanding example of the art of watchmaking at its very best.
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